Tracy Broyles is a Portland- based energy worker and artist. Her healing work involves a great love and curiosity for an individuals psyche and the way it speaks with and through the body, as well as through life direction, choices, and beliefs. Tracy believes our unconscious can be made conscious in a safe and grounded way, with the guidance of a practitioner who is listening deeply to the body and energy system, hearing through the stories, and engaging creative practice and expression in service of self-knowledge, connection, and expansion into our true selves.

As an artist, she is compelled to share pieces that reflects the psyche back to itself, and may toy with or manipulate archetypal images, audience perception, and energetic and physical experience. She is one half of Bunkerfood Studio, a moniker under which she and musician Adrian Hutapea create and present their work.

As a teacher and facilitator of groups, Tracy holds space in a practiced and expert manner, managing the container and the content while allowing the individuals and group dynamic to arise and find its own way. She has been leading group classes for 20 years in dance, improvisation, energy work, Pilates, and Core Energetics. She has taught at universities, community centers, and private studios.

Tracy became a certified Core Energetics Therapist in 2016, graduating from a three year intensive program under Ken Goldberg. She received her Pilates certification in 2003 under Shelley Stephenson and the PhysicalMind Institute. She holds a BA in Dance from University of Maryland Baltimore County. She is an avid student of things that bring together the body, energy, mind, spirit and creative expression and continues her own training while she assits others.






2016 Certification as a Core Energetics Practitioner, 3 year program under Ken Goldberg

2004 Certification in Pilates from the PhysicalMind Institute

1996 BA in Visual Performing Arts/Dance from University of Maryland Baltimore County


Choreographic Performance Biography

The Observer Effect/ UMBC/ Baltimore, MD
Root/Route. In-Progress/ Headwaters Theater/Portland

HYDE/Studio Two/Portland

HYDE In-progress/Flock/Portland, Holocene/Portland
Critical Engagement with Dirt Stage/Flock/Portland

The Observer Effect/Headwaters Theater/Portland
The Observer Effect In-Progress/Studio Two Resident Showing.

Art + Life/Deborah Hay Solo Commission/Risk Reward Festival/Portland, Temescal Art Center/Oakland
Local Culture Project Film/Screened at Headwaters Theater/Portland

Mirror, A Convoluted Path Of Resistance/Headwaters/Portland
Art+ Life/Headwaters Portland, DanceGround Keriac/ San Fransicso

Monster Showing/Studio Two/Portland
Technology Monster/Headwaters, 10 Tiny Dances at Bluehour/Portland

I want to stop wanting with Meshi Chavez/Disjecta/Portland
Between with Meshi Chavez and Stephanie Lanckton/Performance Works Northwest/Portland

I want to stop wanting In-Progress/Movement Research/ NYC
Between/Judson Church/NYC

COCOON BIRD/Site-specific in an empty house/Portland

COCOON BIRD/In-progress/10 Tiny Dances/Seattle and Portland,  Dance USA/Newmark Theater/Portland, Caldera Artist Residency/Sisters, OR

…..he was costuming angels/Disjecta/Portland



Individual Project Grant/HYDE (RACC)
Collaborative Residency with M13/Signal Fire/ Oregon

Individual Project Grant/The Observer Effect (RACC)
Studio Residency/The Headwaters/Oregon

New Expressive Work Residency/Studio Two/Oregon

Professional Development Grant (RACC)
Deborah Hay Solo Commissioning Project/Findhorn, Scotland

Individual Project Grant/I want to stop wanting. (RACC)

Individual Project Grant/Cocoon Bird (RACC)
Caldera Artist Residency/Oregon

Dance Lab Professional Development Residency from NDP and NEFA/Oregon
Award from MRG Foundation