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The return of... MONSTER WORKSHOP!

  • Flock Dance Center 8371 N Interstate Ave Studio 4 Portland, OR 97217 USA (map)

We all have monsters. Deep inside of us. We have monsters that are demanding, cruel, ashamed, divisive, demanding, sucking, and all of them are fearful, afraid they won’t be loved. Tired of the exposure and vulnerability of wanting to be loved, or to be seen, or to be understood- they rage. If they think me a monster than so shall I become one- I never needed you anyway. This is so deep and true in all of us that myths, stories, fiction, characters, children stories over all of time are pervaded with these monsters.

As we grow up most of us begin to understand, and rightly so, that giving free reign to the behaviors of these monsters is not an accepted way to move through the world, we get negative feedback and more withdrawal of love when we express them. Yet, we are unwilling to give them up completely- our tiny hidden monsters, so we create a solution. To have them and yet hide them. To tuck them into the closet of a room we create of our most perfect self. Of our slick impenetrable outer demeanor. Whether this demeanor has it all together, is loud and powerful, is overly sweetly kind and generous, it is one dimensional and leaves no room to see the monster hiding beneath. 

Or so we think.

What may be your ugly truth? 

Are you brave enough to confront and love your monsters? Are you willing to go the extra mile to be vulnerable- first by letting it be seen, then by going into the deeper longing that created the monster? The need to be seen, loved, understood. A need that can maybe now be met by yourself.

THIS IS A LOT- but do not worry, there is no expectation for this to happen in two hours..

What will happen?

This workshop is a playful beginning. Bring your inner child and your love of ghouls, goblins, dracula, frankenstein and HYDE. 

Get ready to make noise and move around as you try on and exaggerate some of the typical slick outer layers and monsters underneath. Explore your own monster friend by drawing, making a character, dancing it. It is refreshing and reviving to the soul to have a place for imagination, consciousness, and energy to move together and to see we are all very much alike. 

With creative and conscious play we will explore MONSTERS. Tis the season.

Earlier Event: June 24