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Introduction to Somatic Energy Alignment (S.E.A.)

Our bodies are housed in a greater matrix of energy which includes our emotions, beliefs and intentions.

As we develop we learn to hold or release our breath, body, and awareness according to our own life circumstances and what is needed for survival. Often a movement, impulse, thought or emotion gets trapped in the physical body, over time becoming compressed and blocked, and eventually creating discomfort, pain or illness.

Through physical activation and release, we move towards freedom, power and a balanced energy system; discharging areas that are bound or stuck and charging areas that are undernourished.

In the S.E.A. practice:

--we start with where we are currently

--focus on breath, somatic awareness, and movement- both spontaneous and lead

--experience the sensation of consciousness and engage in pulling energy though the system by contracting and releasing tissue.

--feel energy flow in the body, tensions release, and overwrought emotions and thoughts lose their grip,

---restore your own unique harmonic balance

In our FREE INTRODUCTORY group sessions, I will offer cognitive information on the approach and influences of S.E.A., an experiential movement component, and check in time afterwards with tea and cookies.

ALL through the fall.

September 27th and October 25th. 2-3:30 pm
November 15th 10-11:30 am
Pearl Pilates Studio.
1211 NW Glisan, Suite 207
Portland, Oregon 97209

November 8th and December 13th 2-3:30 pm.
Yoga Shala of Portland.
3808 North Williams Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

R.S.V.P appreciated but not required,
Please plan to arrive on time and stay through the whole 90 minutes.

Later Event: October 25
FREE Intro to S.E.A.