To whom it may concern, consider this your wake up poem….

Our society runs on mind time not body time

We push our bodies like we push the earth

We push the earth like we push our bodies

Overriding the rhythms and cycles

Overriding the creaks and groans and stress and protest and sickness and storms and barrenness and disease

One day the earth and earth body will remind us, 

she can only be pushed so far

It is inevitable

And body time is the only time that is in the present time

Hey-What do you think- you can change our basic needs? That you can forever fabricate oxygen and water and dirt and healing from the construct of your thinking?

You think you can come close to comparing with the earth and her generosity? Fool!

You can’t do what the earth does.

Body earth earth body. Dirt

is the Ma, is the fabric, is the firmament.

We are nothing without it 

Nothing but a flash of thought disappearing forever

Surrender your ego

You believe you know more that the trees?

Whose intelligence spans so deeply into self care and community that its messages and nutrient sharing vibrate beneath our small feet, before, during and after our short lives?

We are here, we have these bodies,

These bodies made of earth and stars

We have them to become more than the passing attention of a thought

To become dense, real, material, to have a taste of earth

Our Mind is not superior to the structure it lives in and on

Break your hierarchy

Forget the division

The church and the economy have it all wrong

Your ungrounded way is folly

Give give receive give

Give from the very essence you are made of 

Do not worry that the flesh dies, 

That is for that moment, when your spirit is free once again

But until then stay here in this body

Earth body 

Body of the earth