This lion-hearted movement of accepting a higher love

This lion-hearted action- to not run, to not hide-but to stand with arms open to you, to this-

this courageous heart burns me of a question-

will you grow? will you be so bold,

will you receive what you have asked for-


This lion-hearted thought of pushing out fear and indifference

This lion-hearted love of happiness and heartbreak

no middle no complacency

no dulling of the mind or senses

no clinging to the past or future

no labels, no called containers

no-thing but the burn, the peace


No burn-no peace

This radiance, overwhelming and not

is… is-this radiance.


Uniting with you, this radiance

Being in you, this radiance

There is no other radiance.

Ah, my heart to you- radiant.


Chains fall inward to wash out with blood

the beauty is so loud

I am passing out always

I am falling up always

What washes with blood?


you and me

Wash with blood