This lion-hearted movement of accepting a higher love

This lion-hearted action- to not run, to not hide-but to stand with arms open to you, to this-

this courageous heart burns me of a question-

will you grow? will you be so bold,

will you receive what you have asked for-


This lion-hearted thought of pushing out fear and indifference

This lion-hearted love of happiness and heartbreak

no middle no complacency

no dulling of the mind or senses

no clinging to the past or future

no labels, no called containers

no-thing but the burn, the peace


No burn-no peace

This radiance, overwhelming and not

is… is-this radiance.


Uniting with you, this radiance

Being in you, this radiance

There is no other radiance.

Ah, my heart to you- radiant.


Chains fall inward to wash out with blood

the beauty is so loud

I am passing out always

I am falling up always

What washes with blood?


you and me

Wash with blood


To whom it may concern, consider this your wake up poem….

Our society runs on mind time not body time

We push our bodies like we push the earth

We push the earth like we push our bodies

Overriding the rhythms and cycles

Overriding the creaks and groans and stress and protest and sickness and storms and barrenness and disease

One day the earth and earth body will remind us, 

she can only be pushed so far

It is inevitable

And body time is the only time that is in the present time

Hey-What do you think- you can change our basic needs? That you can forever fabricate oxygen and water and dirt and healing from the construct of your thinking?

You think you can come close to comparing with the earth and her generosity? Fool!

You can’t do what the earth does.

Body earth earth body. Dirt

is the Ma, is the fabric, is the firmament.

We are nothing without it 

Nothing but a flash of thought disappearing forever

Surrender your ego

You believe you know more that the trees?

Whose intelligence spans so deeply into self care and community that its messages and nutrient sharing vibrate beneath our small feet, before, during and after our short lives?

We are here, we have these bodies,

These bodies made of earth and stars

We have them to become more than the passing attention of a thought

To become dense, real, material, to have a taste of earth

Our Mind is not superior to the structure it lives in and on

Break your hierarchy

Forget the division

The church and the economy have it all wrong

Your ungrounded way is folly

Give give receive give

Give from the very essence you are made of 

Do not worry that the flesh dies, 

That is for that moment, when your spirit is free once again

But until then stay here in this body

Earth body 

Body of the earth

how diamonds are made

There are so many humans entering this planet

Why are we coming

Why are we here

Why do we keep coming

Into this plane of compressed existence

Of push and pull of down and up of right and left

Yes we know there is unity, unitive consciousness and center and radiance beneath it all

Yet we need to go/we need to allow direction/the compass

We need to feel the pressure against our skin and against our heart

We need to vibrate with laughter and tears

With racking sobs and sighs that move our diaphragm quickly and spastically

With deep sighs and moans and soft smiles that float our organs and without effort release our breath

Love is, an ode to Dr. Maya Angelou

LOVE is everything, love is all

Love is what you’re running towards

love is what you’re running from

love is your running

Love is lifting your leg and dropping it

love is the space between the steps

love is your breathing

love is your heartbeat

love is the thing driving your heart beat,

and the silence when the beating has stopped

Love is this cat, right here, right now

the vibration that moves through me

from her purring

Love is when you say

no, no, no, no

Love is the illusion that

you can stop things

Love is the way

the water falls off your chin

love is the pool it came from and falls into

Love is your loudness bursting through

the quiet of this moment

love is the way it rends me

love is the way you notice

Love is that I care what you think

love is that is doesn’t matter to the thing that is

thunk upon, love is the movement towards the idea

Love is you running in a circle

love is your struggle with yourself

love is the manifestation of pain,

love is the curse of the pain

when it is nameless and dropping

love is reaching out, love is at the

end of extension, love is the illusion

of disappearance

Love moves underground, love is the ground

love is above ground

love is the invisible space in the molecules

that make the ground

Love is the firmament, love is the stars

Love is the lesson of love

Love continues

love is the ageless time of one hand meeting another

love is the identity

love is the tongue cleaning the wound.



There is the space

And there is the void

And there is the watcher

Silent over her charges of night

Protecting the channels

Into void and stillness

Into subconscious leaps

Of monsters and allies

Of yesterday and now

I look up and you are shifted

again, a border

Arises and dissolves on the

Edge of my sight

I ask and I wait

I used to ask and create

And perhaps that is still true

Yet from a place further back

Or maybe further out

The old way used to scream

And cry for attention

The dramatic and theatrical

(do not be distracted by the peaceful and wrathful deities)

I die into the quiet

Medium of now

Discipline at my back

To stay unraveled and not knowing

To not grasp the pieces and braid them together

The guardian she watches me still.