What is Real?

Today there were two snakes laying on my driveway.

I was on a phone call we and were talking about images- images in the sense of ingrained belief patterns so strong that they magnetize life experiences to them. This is the language used by Core Energetics and The Pathwork.

I was just about to say to my friend- well, the good news is that they (the images) aren’t real.

But before I could get the sentence out I was halted by what looked like two baby snakes coiled and laying on the driveway. I couldn’t speak the words, and instead started to babble about snakes.. “What is that- is that real- they look like dead baby snakes- oh my god -what do I do……”

Not long before I had come across a dead rat, rats being one of my deep irrational fears. So- this seemed somehow all the more plausible- that these two snakes would be lying motionless on the driveway. I was conditioned by the last rat experience.

Long story short- they were not real. Yet- my reaction was genuine fear, startle and unease. 

This is how images work in our lives, and how the level of mask plays out in our unconscious. Looks like a horse, acts like a horse. Is not a real horse. 

We energize our beliefs with our emotions. We magnetize them. And then they draw confirming experiences to us. Yes- authority figures are always jerks- all of them are. No- nothing ever works out for me- I can’t win. If I trust then I will be taken advantage of. Our images speak to us in absolutes, in either/or, if/then. They reflect dualistic, black and white thinking that was born in childhood, when we had less of, or none of, the kind of mature awareness and life experiences that would teach us everything is in shades of grey. That Both-And is the truth.

There are endless opportunities to connect with the truth, and just as many to connect with falsehood. We may buy stock and share in our false truths and spread them like gospel. Generations can live under a lie passed down. The kicker is that deep down inside we know that the lie is a lie. Somewhere we feel the itch of truth. Yet so few are given the permission, and the tool of open minded observation to consciously question the belief/image. Pride gets in the way. Fear of having our belief systems up-ended plagues us.

So instead of questioning, we look for confirmation of the image. We are drawn to the people and situations that will confirm the lie, because without it we have to experience the pain of the life of the lie within ourselves. That we, and maybe generations before have lived a lie. That we have spread the lie to others. 

How much courage does it take to face the images, the rigid stories, within us?

C’eour-Age. Heart wisdom. Compassion. Breath into your heart. And ask to know the truth. Ask for the strength to see your own self deception, and ask for guidance to know the real you. How am I blocking truth, expansion, love, joy? Living a lie will block all of that.

This is the work of the age- of all ages. We are part and parcel of our world. We change within to change without. We can not afford to grow complacent with the task our own inner evolution, with rooting out the truth within ourselves. As a daily task, as a way of living, and loving. And each tangle of false images that is unwound frees more of ourselves for true love, power, and peace. Our real self that is our authentic center, the essence of our souls before learned behavior. Our spark of oneness. 

Be well.