A clear flowing yes and a clear flowing no direct our lives and intentions. They move in and out of us without a lot of tension. When we have an inner no and an outer yes, or outer yes and inner no, we create ruts and eddies in our system. Sometimes this is called cognitive dissonance, but since for this research/workshop we are working with energy and the body, we can think of them as currents. Currents working together or not.

Yes is yes and no is no. Yes is not good and no is not bad. Clarity of yes and no brings clarity to our lives. When our inner (unconscious) no or yes aligns with our outer (Conscious) no or yes there is an ease to our lives. I would like that and not that. Yes to spending this time with this person, in this education, in this pursuit. No to eating, doing, or connecting with this. Or no- no to the boundary you have crossed, no to this treatment, no to that.

We see this with toddlers and dogs. When the inner and outer no, or yes, is lined up in their caregivers they don’t push so much. They accept it, feel it and move on.

The trouble sets in when there is a no and a yes. Or a yes and a no. When we have an outer yes and an inner no, or an outer no and an inner yes, the energy does not flow out, or in. We have tension in our bodies, confusion and frustration in our minds and emotions. We are creating a whirlpool, an undertow, an eddy. And like those water phenomenon, the longer it stays, the more energy it attracts to it.

Have you ever wanted something in your life? You want it bad, and perhaps even desperately. You make steps towards it, sometimes even progress? But you always get sucked back, in the same eddy, that same loop. Without and wanting. This is an outer yes, and a hidden inner no.

Have you ever felt a pull towards certain action or calling? Do you feel a longing, but squelch it down, stunt it, stop yourself moving in that direction (or even considering it with any idea of possibility?) This is an outer no to a hidden inner yes. A voice of calling. A voice of authenticity to your spirit and your path. You may temper your dreams with no you can’t have that, don’t be ridiculous. That is wrong/impossible, that is for other people, not you.

How to uncover all these currents?

Again we look to the body. We look to sensation. We look to slow down time, observe and feel. The currents will have a distinct quality in your body, and you can learn to follow and listen to them over time. The NO Current , while it may be charged at first, will always come to a halt. The YES, though maybe quiet, will expand and continue. Again, to be clear- this is not about never saying NO in your life, NO is an important word to learn, because NO can be in service to your true yes.

The base of the currents are giving and receiving. A yes is a yes to be here, to take this breath, to give and receive, to offer and take. A NO is a block to that, to feeling, to the flow, a NO can be a scattering, a leak or a block. NO to receive, no to give.