Enlivening the Energy Body

Workshop on 12/3/2018

“God speaks to each of us as he makes us

Then walks with us silently out of the night

These are the words we dimly hear-

You sent out beyond your recall

Go to the limits of your longing.

Embody me.

Flare up like a flame

And make big shadows I can move in

Let everything happen to you:

Beauty and Terror

Just keep going. No feeling is final. Don’t let yourself lose me.

Nearby is the country they call life.

You will know it my its seriousness.

Give me your hand.”    


-Rainer Maria Rilke, translation by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy.

Everything is energy. The physical body is just the densest layer. Blood, muscle, organ, tissue, bone, breath, circulation, nerves; hopes, beliefs, emotions, will/intention, all are/have energy. Energy is vibration, sound, and color. Whether we realize it or not we are always working with energy. We are constantly relating with and through it.

HERE IS THE WORKSHOP NOTES FROM 12/3. IT IS ORGANIZED INTO EXPLANATION and EXPERIENCE. While this does not detail every experiential practice we did, it outlines the thematic material from the class. Enjoy,


Energy follows consciousness until a pattern is established, then consciousness follow energy. It will run along the established pattern like a river bed until we increase our energy charge in order to flood the channel. Then once the channel is flooded we have the opportunity to redirect it using our consciousness. If this step does not happen it is easy to move back to the established pattern, even re-energizing it after a period of intensity. Directing the consciousness can be as simple as asking to move in the direction of the highest good for yourself and others.

Today we are going to begin by focusing on 3 energy systems specifically. Then we are going to “erase” them and focus on the energy system as a whole, which will encompass these three systems and so much more. There is a lot of mystery and magic in our energy system and our minds cannot ever fully understand it.

The systems are the chakras, the hara line, and the core star.

Chakras are often the most known and accessible. They are the most interactive on the daily. The are spinning vortices that feed all levels. The focused part of them are centered along the body receiving from the energy around us, feeding that “food” into a central energy column, and which then releases it back out through our aura. Each chakra is like a doorknob opening into the room of the corresponding level of the aura. Each has a unique vibration that relates to a color, sound, aspect of self and life. They are designed to metabolize particular vibrations.  Through blocking and leaking energy we may try to be managing our chakras in an attempt to keep us feeling “safe” and familiar. There are lots of images online of chakras.

The hara line is our level of will and intention. It drives us over the course of our life. It is a vertical current that connects earth and sky through our body. It houses the tantiem, which connects us to the center of the earth and is connected to our will to truly be here, our soul seat which connects us to our deep longing related to what we are here to do and share with others, and our spirit head, which connects us to a larger spiritual reality. Through blocking our intention to be present in any of these connections we can distort our hara line.

The Core Star is the deepest part of our energy system and extends into infinity. We are that.. This is the drop of the animating force that is within us. This is the universe, the divine. The glowing drive that brings all things beyond life and death. This aspect simply is. This place does not receive damage from life experience, as it is life itself. We may shroud and deny it, denying our life force if we fear its intense amount of power and connection, but we cannot kill it. Here is the all oneness.

Energy may feel like a current or like a cloud. An energy block can feel like tension, tight, numb, or stuck and charged at the same time. The natural state of energy is movement but sometimes we are afraid of what its movement will usher in; like a strong feeling, or a life change, so we employ some of our own free flowing energy to become a block, sealing the original truth behind a wall. This is akin to a dam holding back a powerful current, it may work for awhile but eventually the current will win. When we begin to move the block it may become even more scary because there is a rush as the current is freed. We may feel loud, out of control, big, or intense, and may even get that feedback if we direct the power in a harmful way. If we do not feel resourced with compassion for ourselves, have room for safe expression, and have the larger picture of how energy moves, we may establish the block again with even more determination. We will feel justified---asserting that the intensity of the rush proves whatever belief system we were using to hold it in place (for example- that it is not safe to “let the real me out.”). This is where redirecting the current with our trust, positive intent to grow, change, and evolve and having a creative safe outlet comes in. Developing trust for yourself and your process is key to any shift.

Energy can also leak, which could feel like coldness, confusion, a void in the body map, or a pinch. We can drain it through a crack, or it can seep out of us. We may leak or drain our energy because of fear of someone taking it, manipulating it, or to avoid feeling our own power or strong feelings. With this pattern we may also close our system and hold very tightly to what little energy we have, not allowing it to evolve or refresh. Building the capacity to hold a steady charge, and both receive and give without fear will be a process that requires loving patience. The system may run sporadically with a lot of energy at once then collapse, which could again “prove” the image (an emotionally charged belief system) that having too much energy is a dangerous thing. We may try to re-establish holding tight to what we have because there is “not enough,” and we will look to situations dripping with lack to confirm our belief. We will see those with less and think we have to give all we have to them. Proper giving is key to balancing a leaky energy system. How can you give from the abundance? Then you will feel what you receive when you give from the heart without resentment. You will realize that giving does not have to be partnered with draining and lack. Using the consciousness to have a real somatic experience of filling the energy system without rushing, not having to immediately “spend” or “give away” what is in the energy bank is needed. Trust and awareness are helpful tools.

So charging and discharging are two important processes for working with energy. As is trust, compassion, curiosity, and the ability to return to your breath and your feet. To ground. To commit.


Now trust that what is here and ready to resonate is up and existing and is available. If your mind is holding on to all that information from before encourage it to let your body and energy system have what it needs. Thank your mind and put it in service to your larger consciousness by being present and curious and objectively observing.

Feel how your mysterious, gorgeous, and complex energy system in interacting with this moment… and now this moment. Moment to moment, what if your energy body guided you? What if your energy body is getting what it needs? Invite surrendering to energy, being moved by the energy body- getting what it needs and guiding your dance moment to moment.

Remember there is no feeling, thought, impulse, emotion, that does not have an energetic vibration to it. Notice what arises and also allow yourself to affect and be affected. Feel how your chakras and your field is constantly in relationship to everything. If you become overwhelmed- breath, and return to the root chakra and sensations in the physical body. Open your eyes and see others practicing what you are practicing. We are all here just practicing. Be right here and open to shifts in your consciousness.

Now rest and feel the energy changes in your body. Here is where you can invite your hara line, your will and intention to help you redirect your energy for your very best. For the very best you have to offer to yourself, to others, to the world in this moment. Here is where you can ask for guidance and support. Here is where you can breathe into your heart and ask to feel the uniqueness and authenticity of you. Use this flood of energy to break into new patterns of vibration and healing. Love.