We are afraid of the monters of our negative unconcious..

“We are afraid of the monsters of the negative unconscious, which lurk in the forests of these unknown lands. (lower self lands.)”

These monsters; fear is their food, and while we fear them, they grow stronger. As they are denied, hated, ignored and abhorred, they, like abused animals or children, grow angrier, vindictive, isolated and hurt.

“And yet, some evil is an intrinsic part of our human nature, if we are to follow the path of the truth, we have no choice but to enter the dark mysteries of our nature, otherwise we will live on the surface of life, in the mask of denial.”

We must all question from time to time; are we on the path of seeking truth, or are we on the path of seeking ‘being good”, through denial of the unpleasant aspects of ourselves we would rather not admit to. Our desire to deny these less than ideal parts of ourselves is so strong and often unconscious. They bite into the very heart of our deepest longing, to be loved, to be connected, and to be seen, to survive. To allow these hidden “monsters” to surface is equated with losing all of these things. That we will no longer be loved, held, seen or supported, and we all have had affirmation of this at some point, or at many points in our lives. This actually did happen.

Denied and shoved back these distressed and darker aspects of ourselves undoubtedly rear their heads in wild and uncontrolled ways, the sheer power of them frighten ourselves and those around us. Terrified we see them as unsafe and begin the work of shoving them back to the hidden depths of our unconscious, where, in abuse, they sit and wait till the next time our defenses are thin.

We need to keep remembering that evil is not a separate force in the universe. On the ordinary, dualistic level, evil can appear to be an equal and opposing force to good. In reality, evil is merely a distortion of the one great creative force of the universe. Meeting and embracing evil is the only way to redirect its “energy current” back to its pure origin.”

Let’s pause for a moment and consider the act of WAR. A power arises, a threat, there is a mobilization against this threat, a defense, beginning struggle and fighting. There is violence, death, resources are depleted and eventually one side “wins”, which only means the other side is temporarily subdued, until, more hurt, bitter and angry then ever it can re-gather its strength and strike out again.

This is exactly what is happening in our psyches and within our relationships. And we are no more likely to accept the “monsters” of another then we are of ourselves. We encourage suppression, battle and subduing in others just as we do ourselves.

But when do we as a human race ask- Is this truly working?

Have we come any closer to peace within or peace without?

“When evil is understood to be intrinsically a divine energy flow, momentarily distorted due to specific wrong ideas, concepts and imperfections, then it is no longer rejected in its essence.  (Pathwork lecture #184)”

There is power in our monsters, our own very life force, vitality, and creative current is entwined within it. That is why we cannot just toss it away. Perhaps part of us feels that occasionally letting these monsters rise up and yell can help us regain our power. And done in an intentional manner, with the true desire to find the distorted current and restore it towards our highest good, it can. Done in an way that damages other beings, however, will start a cycle of trauma for others, shame and guilt for ourselves that has too much psychic debris to help us move through and beyond the original monster.

But seeing that the energy held within these aspects is still energy, and is our own energy, we realize that to deny it is to deny ourselves. To deny ourselves is to deny others. So we can reclaim that power over time, and that distortion falls away and we become more fully our authentic selves.

The parable of the fallen angel, Lucifer, illustrates this perfectly. Its substance is made of god, yet it has “fallen” into distortion, into duality, into separateness. It has fallen into pride and fear and serving only the self. Yet is is a powerful presence. It did not draw its power from any other place but from the one source of power, the divine energy, or highest self.  

Experiencing our "monsters" with the intention to move through them, and not just to be seduced to staying in “lower self land”, we learn where we ourselves created duality, splits and defenses. Transforming the energy captured in the lower self and reclaiming it, in all its vulnerable beauty, pouring it back into our true core, our true center of spirit, that is made of the vibration of true love, power and peace is the goal and the gain that is accessible to us all.

(quotes from The Undefended Self by Susan Thesanga.)