This week, delving deeply into the core star with a client. Touching the infinite center of ourselves-

Before you were you- before you were born, you were a consciousness, a presences, a seed sound of your soul. You were everywhere and nowhere. As your consciousness moved, you moved. From this place of infinite connection, you are part of the all, and you are unique. This is god. This is spirit. This is the drop of water from which we emerge. This is the collection of the realness inside of you, this is the animating center of beings.

What is the pull to be born? What is the pull to become a human? Why do we sink into these forms and live in this place?

A central conflict of humanness, we are infinite beings in finite bodies. Our essence is indestructible and only has more chances to shine brighter and grow, yet our bodies decay and whither and die. All bodies die. All flesh rots, all bones crumble. Yet while we inhabit them we must care for our houses. We cannot ignore and abuse the flesh, and expect our spirit to emerge. What is, and what if the central spirit seed began to inhabit our cells? IT must, our bodies are alive in every cell while we are aimating them, then after our death, they cannot animate on their own. Any life within our dead flesh arrives from outside forces, insects, water, fire, the inherit decay that is on this earth.

There is not human, or perhaps any sentient being, that this is not true for. No matter how shrouded someone's infinite seed may be, it is there.