A letter to the particpants of the first ever Altars of Reconcilation workshop- held at the Tiny Theater PDX on November 12th, 2017.

Hello everyone-

Thank you so much for participating in the first ever Altars of Reconciliation workshop. I am inspired and grounded by how much all of you brought forth of yourselves, truly and honestly. You are beautiful beings and we are all working through this dualistic coil individually as well as in community.

I am also struck at the power of this work, and am grateful to know this at this time in the world. It is a shared experience and process and I want to reiterate that I hope to be a resource to you, as you are to me, in this process. Feel free to reach out to me with questions, comments or feedback.

Since we are all artistic and creative types, we are using our tools--our creativity, our bodies, our voices, our music, our artmaking.. etc as method to explore what is true and deep in our energy field.

1. Meditate, inviting to know what is ready to be worked with. It will feel charge, have a charge. Allow it to present and trust in the manner in which you encounter it.

2. Investigate- what is the timber, feel, vibration, quality, texture of the item. It most likely will be something sharp or stuck, if it was in the flow of your field it would not stand out. What is the feeling outside (how does it point outward) what is the feeling inside (this relates to the cost to you.)
How does it think it is serving you, what does it believe its job is? Where do you resist reconciliation (hugely important and takes a great deal of self honesty) How does it harm you, what is the cost?

Propose to yourself, if I were to reconcile this thing, what would I need to give up? Remember all you can ever sacrifice is something inside of you. You can know this and choose not to give it up. This may be a very important part of the process. Feel how you may be resistant, and have a NO to giving up this part of yourself. Let yourself own your NO.



When you are ready and clear to continue, it is often because the cost to you is greater than the "pleasure" of maintaining the charged energy that you have not yet wanted to reconcile. This, I believe is an enduring and cyclic process.

3. Build the ALTAR. Is this inside of you, or outside? Are you connected to ritual and object making? How can you best serve yourself in making an altar. Mine are usually invisible and energetic. Yours might be totally different.

4. Lay the item of the altar of reconciliation. Feel everything. Receive your own compassion.


Boy, when I look at this I realize how big this could be, How it can be served by a lot of space and time.

Once again, I extend gratitude and joy in knowing each and every one of you.

Till we talk again,