I walked into the room to get a sense of the space where I would be offering Friday hours.

I was already excited knowing that this is a place where deep therapeutic work has existed for a long time. What I was not prepared for was, as I lay on the ground to breath into the space, an extreme and overwhelming sense of safety in my vulnerability, and a deep acceptance. I don’t know where exactly this came from- the space, the building, the spirits that watch over the work, or all the processes that has happened there over the years, but there it was. An undeniable feeling.

I believe when we can find spaces we can be accepted and vulnerable in, that that is the start of the healing coil. In that room, I thought about the gift that happens when one feels safe in their own skin, and when the fear of what is inside- be it anger, fear, joy, love, power, vulnerability; releases its blocking grip on our life. This is freedom that can be created no other way. Because we cannot escape ourselves.

There is much talk about bringing the darkness to light. This process is very messy if its true. Its like cleaning out the dirty, scary basement (or attic) that no-one has been in for a while- and the first thing you have to do is work up enough gumption to open the door and walk in the room. It is often a pragmatic step by step process. You open up that one box, and think- oh well yes- everything in there can go to recycling , and then you open another box, and in there is some treasure- and you take out the treasure, dust it off, and send the rest of the box to the trash, and then you open another box and maybe the magic was stored in that one.  And you use your body, and your attention, and your gentleness to be in this formally ignored room within yourself. You receive support. And eventually there is more space for you, more energy to reclaim, and more courage to walk into another room, because, well- this one didn’t kill you.

This is what that room brought up for me, an outer projection of the inner work, starting with- it is safe to be vulnerable here.

SO, I am going to dedicate my work in this building to creating for people what has been created for me- by that space and other spaces, and ultimately by the people who held them. I have received a great gift and want to share. The pathway unfurled towards the acceptance of our whole selves. Let’s unpack.