In Core Energetics training we learned about the path of transformation, as opposed to transcendence. Transformation path is messier, because you delve into your own psyche to stand and feel and face what is the most held, darkest in you, to look at your deepest fears about who you may actually be, honestly.
It takes a lot of courage to stand in this.

And When this does not annihilate you- as your immature fear may have thought, there is a reckoning and accepting of yourself. The transformation is guided by a commitment to the higher self.. dependent upon the tools of grounding and loving and opening, of compassion, of reconciliation, it requires direction towards our own vulnerability to love and accept, to risk being open, and caring, and also to risk being wrong and see our mistakes. It risks being hurt by others and world, and this is a real possibility, but it is this kind of self honesty frees us from the deep betrayal we inflict upon ourselves through ignoring, denying, festering wounds and anger, or judgement. Because that is a betrayal of what is truly good in us, of the gifts we truly have to offer the world.

Through the world right now I see us struggling with the transformation, that chaos is increasing and I also see people who are rooting down, and centering in themselves and love, looking at hard truths, and extending a hand. I also make my prayer to see more clearly every day, to be courageous, to root and open in the midst of chaos, to help.

I also see--- a squirrel carrying a nut through my yard, I feel the vulnerability of sharing in this social media thing we have, I feel my pelvis sitting on the floor. My dog tracks the squirrel.

So yeah, here in the moment is good for me.