DOES the universe taste of us?

Excerpt from Elegy 2. Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Gary Miranda.

"We-we evaporate in our feelings. We exhale ourselves and vanish. Our scent grows fainter as it passes from ember to ember. Someone may say to us; "Yes. You've gotten into my blood. This room, the springtime-it's full of you." But what for? It can't hold us. We vanish in and around it. And even those who are beautiful- can anyone keep them from vanishing? The appearance of beauty seems fixed in their faces for always, and, always, it fades. Everything we are evaporates- like dew from the spring grass, or steam from hot food. A smile- where does it go! A glance-new, warm, a gesture of the heart- oh it hurts to say it, but this is what we ARE! Does the universe taste of us then, since we spill ourselves into it?"