Private sessions approach the body as a road map to the current state of the client and the direction needed for healing.  Guided movement will be utilized to free blocked energy, while verbal counseling is employed to activate and direct the unique needs of each client. Gentle hands-onhealing may be used to revive, restore and redirect the flow of energy, as well as for attention to and release of physical pain. Each healing session is tailored to the client’s process and current needs, and I am committed to bringing an attentive ear, compassion, and breadth of experience in facilitation. Some special areas of focus may be;  integrating and releasing the pelvis,  connecting tothe heart, accessing and processing emotions,  providing resources to deal with anxiety and trauma, and sparking creativity and life direction. All work is ultimately geared to greater freedom, connection, acceptance, joy, and ease with ourselves and our lives.

"Tracy is an incredible healer.  She combines years of study in the movement arts and body sciences with a keen gift of intuition........... The attention, humility and curiosity she brings to these sessions has been amazing-- giving me opportunities for psycho/spiritual reflection in addition to physical healing.  She also has a lively sense of humor, which makes her classes and individual sessions feel safe, fun and entertaining."      -- L.N



SESSIONS ARE 75 MINUTES, and cost $80.


Please contact me directly with questions, or to schedule at appointment.