Private sessions approach the body and mind as an integrative system, and as a road map to the clients current state and the direction needed for healing. 


CORE ENERGETICS--- A somatic therapy which combines talking, movement, and energy work. Helpful for life transitions,  working with repeating life patterns/problems that do not seem to get traction in transforming, (even when the conscious mind wills it), and for connecting deeply with the higher self and life purpose. A path that oenly and honestly transits our fears and resistance in service to our true evolution as souls.

SESSIONS ARE 75 MINUTES/$85. No insurance accepted.


PILATES-- Pilates is a system that addresses the physical body with deep education and mindfulness, helping to provide a more rooted container for living with clarity, wisdom and connection through all of our being. Pilates is extremely useful in recovering from surgeries and injuries, in cross-training for vigorous activity, and for giving ground to anxiety and fear of living fully in the body. Gentle yet very effective, fun and renewing.



Tracy is an incredible healer.  She combines years of study in the movement arts and body sciences with a keen gift of intuition........... The attention, humility and curiosity she brings to these sessions has been amazing-- giving me opportunities for psycho/spiritual reflection in addition to physical healing.  She also has a lively sense of humor, which makes her classes and individual sessions feel safe, fun and entertaining."      -- L.N

Please contact me directly with questions, or to schedule at appointment.