HYDE, my new dance theater work examining duality premiers February 27, 28 & March 1, 6-8, 2015 at Studio Two in Portland, OR. Get tickets!

HYDE is a new piece of dance/theater that explores our attraction to the dark side and internal struggles, while posing the question- how do we move beyond our multiplicities? Abstracted from the iconic tale of Jekyll and Hyde, HYDE is tender, funny, alarming and compelling. HYDE uses the language of the body in tandem with sound, vocalization, costume and video projection to create a recognizable and visceral piece about the human experience. Take a peak!

HYDE is created by choreographer/director Tracy Broyles with dancers Stephanie Lanckton, Mark Kline, Niko Thomas, Rebecca Harrison, Douglas Allen; musicians Adrian Hutapea and Lisa DeGrace, videographer Stephen Miller, lighting designer Vanessa Pearl Janson, and costume designer Elodie Massa Allen

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